7 Best Of Strange Drone Photos 2022

6 Strange Drone Photos 2022

If you’ve ever looked at strange drone photos and wondered what they were, you aren’t alone. Some photos have been known to be quite strange, from a Clown-like figure to a Killer whale feeding. Others have featured crops circles. Here are some examples. This is not the first time that these kinds of photos have been captured.

Clown-like figure in drone photos

This drone footage shows a clown-like figure scurrying away from the camera. The footage was posted on Twitter by Jake Newton. The clown-like figure has been terrorising the UK, Sweden, and US, and some countries have banned trick-or-treating in response. This footage is chilling and a reminder of the dangers of killer clowns.

The image has divided internet users. Some people believe it is a dog, while others claim it is a clown. The photo has been circulating online since last week. The photographer who posted the footage claims it was taken with a drone. Regardless of whether or not there is a clown in the photo, there is no doubt that the drone photographer is trying to get the truth about this bizarre sighting.

Killer whale strange drone photos

Killer whale drone photos have been taken using non-invasive research drones to monitor the species’ behavior. These photos provide high-resolution images that help researchers determine the whales’ condition. Researchers from the NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center in San Diego say that these photos provide greater resolution than previous attempts. The photos also show the whales’ body structure, which is often distorted due to pregnancy.

The researchers used the drone to study the northern resident killer whales off the coast of British Columbia. The northern resident killer whales depend on salmon for their diet, and the declining population of Chinook salmon has caused the whales’ supply to decline. This research has provided a new perspective on the population of killer whales, which are at risk due to climate change and overfishing.

Killer whale feeding

A drone can capture amazing images of killer whale feeding in the wild. Researchers from the University of British Columbia have used the aerial photographs to study these beautiful animals in their natural habitat. The images were taken from a height of 90 feet and reveal the amazing social structure of the killer whales. The drones were operated under strict guidelines and researchers had flight authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The footage shows the adult offshore killer whale passing the shark to its calves. Scientists are working on a comprehensive analysis of the footage and will study the patterns of feeding behavior for the resident killer whales.

Crop circles

Crop circles in drone photos are a growing trend in the photography industry. Some believe that they are made by aliens, while others believe that they are made by humans tapping into the collective consciousness of our planet. This hypothesis is supported by the fact that crop circles have universal patterns that can be found in nature, such as the fractal branching of blood vessels or snowflakes, or the spiralling shell of molluscs.

Crop circles have appeared in many places around the world, from California to rice paddies in Indonesia. However, they are primarily seen in south-west England, where they are concentrated around the county of Wiltshire. This region is home to many Neolithic sites, including Stonehenge and Avebury.

Fort Bourtange

The star-shaped fortress of Fort Bourtange, The Netherlands, is a tourist destination that features several layers of walls and moats. It was constructed around 1593 and is now a museum. A drone is an ideal aerial camera for capturing an image of a place like Fort Bourtange. A drone’s high altitude and vantage point allow it to get a clear view of the entire complex.

The photograph, which was taken from the air, quickly gained popularity on social media. Some people took a while to realize the photo was actually taken by a drone. The shadows in the image played tricks on their eyes. However, closer inspection reveals that a drone is hovering over zebras.

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